Who We Serve

Who We Serve:

The women who are served by The Birth Connection range in age from 14 – 42, we accept any woman who is experiencing an unplanned pregnancy regardless of  her situation. It is important that each woman who comes to us has a safe place to explore the decisions that impact her life and the life and future of her unborn child.

We present each woman with the opportunity to plan her baby’s future by exploring her options and making a decision based on her own set of circumstances and the realities of her life.

Often, women are referred to us because they are late in their pregnancy, or have delivered, without making plans for their baby’s future. Whether it is in the hospital after delivery or at any stage of her pregnancy, we have developed a process to assist women in looking at the options available and making a decision.

In parenting, we offer community referrals to give her support and preparation for becoming a mom and being successful.

In adoption, we offer Christian families prepared for and desiring to adopt, preparation for the hospital, going home without her baby, and understanding the grieving process of adoption. We also assist the woman and/or couple and the adoptive family with the plans for whatever type of ongoing contact they are mutually agreeable to.

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