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Dear Prospective Adoptive Parents,

Thank you for the your interest in the services offered through The Birth Connection. It is our hope that we can be of assistance to you.

The Birth Connection was established to assist women in unplanned pregnancies and to offer support and education in the issues special to them. When a woman comes to us for support, we educate her about her pregnancy and childbirth, as well as teach her basic decision making skills. We explore with her all of the life choices she has available (i.e., parenting alone or with family support, community support, foster care and adoption). We emotionally support her throughout her pregnancy and recovery time and maintain contact with her for as long as she desires.

When adoption is her choice, The Birth Connection will support her as she makes her plans. We will work with her as she prepares for the hospital time and communicate her plans and desires to the hospital. We will work with her and the couple she chooses to make a special plan that will meet the needs and expectations of all those involved. In order to provide for the needs of women when they choose adoption, we hold a limited number of resumes of Christian couples for her to review as choices for her baby. However, the choice of a family for her baby is hers and she may choose a family from her own resources. We cannot choose her family for her. We encourage the birthmother and her chosen couple to spend time developing their relationship before the birth and will assist when needed. While most families work out a more direct manner of continuing contact with their birthmother, we are glad to have our office used for meetings and a source of communication when requested. We keep the chosen couple informed of the progress of their birthmother through her time of recovery after birth.

Our services to adoptive parents are varied. We are not an adoption agency. We keep a limited number of resumes of Christian couples who are prepared for “open” adoption and show those resumes to women who choose adoption. We have an application and interview process which had been set by our Board of Directors and to which we strictly adhere. Many of the couples we work with do not have their resume with us, but bring their own prospective birthmother/parents to us for their education and support. We then provide assistance to help make theirs a healthy adoption plan.

While our focus is on the birthmother and her needs, we believe that by providing the services we do to her, as well as those to adoptive parents, everyone involved will have a happier and healthier experience.  Adoption is based on mutual trust and respect and being educatied to make informed decisions in a basic necessity to this relationship.

The Birth Connection is a non-profit, tax exempt corporation and any fees paid to us are considered a donation to a charitable organization. We depend upon private donations for most of our support and try to keep our costs to adoptive families affordable. Because our fees for the support we give birthparents are so low, we are dependent upon private donations, pledges and two fundraisers a year. Our hope and prayer is that as families are “born” through our ministry to women, our couples will participate during their adoption journey and beyond as a way to help continue this ministry.

If you have any questions or concerns about our services or to request more information and an application packet, please feel free to contact us or call (916) 451-9868. We wish you the best in your adoption planning.


Lois Baxter

Executive Director

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